Barcelona is a great city with a lot of stuff to see that made my eyes happy and awesome sweet people who made my heart happy as well ♥

(The photos came out a little messed up, thanks to FNAC’s wonderful scanner that damaged all my film. Good thing this isn’t for a serious project, otherwise I’d be screwed.)

F1000014 F1000015 F1000016Beirut 37 BCN

F1000017 F1000018 F1000019Russian squat came out a little wonky haha

F1000020Las Chicas Internet!


F1000022Which one is the real Karen? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ana, Beni and I are now throwing a Prom-themed party in Café Au Lait, since we kinda like the vibe of it; late 90’s early 2000’s songs, random 80’s ballads, Kenny Loggins, frilly dresses, tiaras, balloons, pretty lights, it’s cool, right? You can follow us heeere

Here are some pictures I took of the first party – next one will be on the 14th of February – so if you need a place to bring your date and have an excuse to slow dance with this person, we’re here for you.


My prom date and I :3

F1010012 F1010013 F1010014 F1010015 F1010016 F1010017 F1010019 F1010020 F1010021 F1010022 F1010023

In the beginning of December, I spent 10 days in Berlin and this is what I have to show for it.

No Berghain pictures because they were not allowed and I respect that.

Berlin, as well as its people, is cool and weird. Everybody loves techno and is pretty much obsessed with Berghain – I went to Berghain and I had sweet potato fries for the first time – in two separate occasions. It’s also VERY cold outside, but it’s very warm indoors and that was driving my skin and my nose cray-cray. The water made my hair floppy and sad :(

It was fun, but it would have been more fun if I could have spent time outside without dying a little ^_^ hope to be back soon!

F1010001 F1010002

I also did Karaoke for the very first time and didn’t totally such at it I think! Also, Onio and Lilla are the cutest <3 Monster Ronson’s is peculiar and fun.

F1010003 F1010004

Bad burritos. Bad, bad, bad burritos. Why would you make a pickle burrito? What did I ever do to you?

F1010007 F1010008

Bethanien Hospital was pretty cool!

Img - 030 Img - 031 Img - 032 Img - 033 Img - 034 Img - 035 Img - 036


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