I made the rookie mistake of going on a very short vacation with expired film in my camera. Despite the crazy amount of grain that makes every single picture look like forensic evidence in a murder case from the 70’s, I still love these pictures and their simplicity. I also love how it looks like my boyfriend has a peacock tail in the first one.


















Barcelona is a great city with a lot of stuff to see that made my eyes happy and awesome sweet people who made my heart happy as well ♥

(The photos came out a little messed up, thanks to FNAC’s wonderful scanner that damaged all my film. Good thing this isn’t for a serious project, otherwise I’d be screwed.)

F1000014 F1000015 F1000016Beirut 37 BCN

F1000017 F1000018 F1000019Russian squat came out a little wonky haha

F1000020Las Chicas Internet!


F1000022Which one is the real Karen? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the beginning of December, I spent 10 days in Berlin and this is what I have to show for it.

No Berghain pictures because they were not allowed and I respect that.

Berlin, as well as its people, is cool and weird. Everybody loves techno and is pretty much obsessed with Berghain – I went to Berghain and I had sweet potato fries for the first time – in two separate occasions. It’s also VERY cold outside, but it’s very warm indoors and that was driving my skin and my nose cray-cray. The water made my hair floppy and sad :(

It was fun, but it would have been more fun if I could have spent time outside without dying a little ^_^ hope to be back soon!

F1010001 F1010002

I also did Karaoke for the very first time and didn’t totally such at it I think! Also, Onio and Lilla are the cutest <3 Monster Ronson’s is peculiar and fun.

F1010003 F1010004

Bad burritos. Bad, bad, bad burritos. Why would you make a pickle burrito? What did I ever do to you?

F1010007 F1010008

Bethanien Hospital was pretty cool!

Img - 030 Img - 031 Img - 032 Img - 033 Img - 034 Img - 035 Img - 036

Before Milhões de Festa there was the return of Thug Unicorn to Lisbon, following a concert by the almighty Ghettoven and his gang of hotties.

Spent the whole day rollin’ with my girl bb Ani who I hope one day will come and just live in Porto already ~_~ ♥

We saw this blinged out car so…

Pictures, duh.

F1000014 F1000015Later that night, you guessed it, it was time to Thuggie!

F1000016 F1000017

And Thuggie we did!

F1000019 F1000020

Ani was such a tropper! All her friends ditched her, but she still partied her ass off with us ^_^ And then there was the stage invasion. First it was just these two guys;



Oh look, cool. These two guys are having fun onstage with us. That’s nice.


Oh, so now some other friends joined them. That’s also cool.


Oh, hey, damn so many people getting up on stage all of a sudden. Easy with the butt-shaking fellas, you’re tipping our drinks over expensive material over here! Heeey


This is getting a little out of hand. Security?



F1000018Everything is back to normal and everyone’s havin’ a good time without damaging the material :3 victoly!


Ghettoven and his sexy babe Vania Canhango


Vania and Za Hu werrrrrkin it!

F1000031 F1000032

Thug Unicorn: All about that luvvv ♥


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