This time, I’ll be showing you some other places – Máus Hábitos, Café Au Lait (where O Gringo Sou Eu can be seen playing his tambourine), 22 (the sushibar where my friend Ana works), and my place, where my cat is chilling out.
Maus Hábitos has been recently hosting some pretty sweet parties like Baile Tropicante and muh baby, Thug Unicorn. Some pictures I took of our guests and lounging around after the party. You can see more pictures from this party right here!
There’s also a picture of me, Jackie and Supa after recording the first three radio programs for Vodafone FM – if everything goes well, it will debut during November :3

Also: here’s a friendly reminder about this little fundraiser to help stray animals in Portugal:
Every year in Portugal, a country with 10million inhabitants, 100 thousand abandoned pets are euthanized each year. Please help us change that with your contribution or share this with your friends!

F1000002F1000003 F1000004 F1000006 F1000007 F1000009 F1000010 F1000014 F1000016 F1000017 F1000018 F1000019

F1000020 F1000021 F1000022 F1000025 F1000027 F1000028 F1000029 F1000030 F1000031 F1000032 F1000033

I have been documenting my nocturnal life more than anything else at this point.

These pictures were taken during a span of two weeks of nights out, including my birthday dinner by the incredibly fabulous Chef Rø: can’t wait for another chance to eat his wonderful treats again and meet his new kitty, my first time DJing with my bb girl Ana as Corgi Buttz, and the last picture is on her birthday at Miss’Opo (as are some other pictures). As you can see, I know plenty of sexy people and that’s pretty cool.

Also, check out my new cute widget on the right and help this amazing fundraiser to help stray animals in need! You can do sooo much good without having any of the hard work and the least you can donate is $1 which is pretty affordable right? ^_^


Img - 001 Img - 003 Img - 005 Img - 006  Img - 011 Img - 012 Img - 014 Img - 015 Img - 016 Img - 017 Img - 018 Img - 019 Img - 020 Img - 022 Img - 023 Img - 024

Before Milhões de Festa there was the return of Thug Unicorn to Lisbon, following a concert by the almighty Ghettoven and his gang of hotties.

Spent the whole day rollin’ with my girl bb Ani who I hope one day will come and just live in Porto already ~_~ ♥

We saw this blinged out car so…

Pictures, duh.

F1000014 F1000015Later that night, you guessed it, it was time to Thuggie!

F1000016 F1000017

And Thuggie we did!

F1000019 F1000020

Ani was such a tropper! All her friends ditched her, but she still partied her ass off with us ^_^ And then there was the stage invasion. First it was just these two guys;



Oh look, cool. These two guys are having fun onstage with us. That’s nice.


Oh, so now some other friends joined them. That’s also cool.


Oh, hey, damn so many people getting up on stage all of a sudden. Easy with the butt-shaking fellas, you’re tipping our drinks over expensive material over here! Heeey


This is getting a little out of hand. Security?



F1000018Everything is back to normal and everyone’s havin’ a good time without damaging the material :3 victoly!


Ghettoven and his sexy babe Vania Canhango


Vania and Za Hu werrrrrkin it!

F1000031 F1000032

Thug Unicorn: All about that luvvv ♥


What do you get after an excessive four-day festival where you also happen to perform with the best people – other than massive exhaustion? A warm, fuzzy feeling of love, friendship and accomplishment.

Also, crappy pictures of your lovely friends ♥

F1000002Queen Ana

F1000004King Onio

F1000005King Baby

F1000006 F1000007Ghettoven

F1000008 F1000010Ginger and The Ghost (the sweetest Aussie band ever)

F1000012Missy let me wear her fierce feathered cape and even took the picture! Sweet ♥

F1000014Queen Onio and his crew ft. João Garcia

F1000016Ana and Galaxy Cat

F1000017We’re totes random lol

F1000018Our friend got our names tattooed on his ankle! jk jk That’s his gf

F1000019Ana and Bwuno :3

F1000020Sexy King Baby Brandão

F1000022Satan, El Granada and Bruno

F1000023Bae and I ♥

F1000024Bae and I again ♥

F1000026Supa, Ana, Fua and his bae who is also my bae, Marcio ain’t havin’ none of it ’cause Fua is his bae

F1000027Duquesa playing ¥

F1000028Las chicas before le Thug Unicorn performance by the pool

F1000030Thug Unicornin’ HARD

F1000032Thug Unicornin’ GOOD

F1000034After Thug Unicornin’ the crap out of that magical pool

F1000035My beautiful baby luvs ♥


Can’t wait for next year’s Milhões de Festa :(

This next Friday the 23rd of May, starting at 19:30h there’s CONS — a brand new event thrown together by Converse that perfectly conveys the lifestyle associated with the brand.

In this fabulous event they’ll have skaters, photographers, artists and other agents that somehow contribute to urban culture. This is the second of a series of projects developed to inspire an entirely new generation of creative spirits associated with skate and street culture through art, photography and music.

Also, Throes+The Shine will be playing. Have you checked out this gorgeous video that André Tentugal directed for them? Casting and styling by yours truly ♥

Don’t miss it!I will have to because I will be thuggin’ it out with my lovely ladies from Thug Unicorn, but if I wasn’t I TOTALLY would be there because it’s gonna be AWESOME.

image007P.S. I’m gonna make an effort to update this blog more often, I swear!
P.P.S. I could really use some new sneakers.

2013 has definitely been a year of great highs and lows. It’s scary that it has already gone by, a whole year, just like that. Whoa, scary!

Even if the bad bits suck major balls, and even though what I’m about to say is super cliché, I do think they are the best way to learn and grow. Hopefully I did, and I’m hoping 2014 will bring a bunch of beautiful blossoming opportunities to kick ass in all the things I’m doing or plan to be doing soon. I hope I have the chance to take more cool pictures this following year as well, because 2013 was not the most productive year in that aspect — I’m totally to blame for that tough.

Looking forward for 2014 and kinda hoping it doesn’t go by as fast because that really freaks me out. Unless 2014 turns out to be super sucky, in that case the Universe can fast forward it.

I’ve been meaning to share these pictures for ages, so Imma do that right now!

 F1030014 Throes & The Shine @ Musicbox, LisbonF1030015 F1030017 F1030019 F1030031

OTTERS!!!F1030005 F1030007F1050018F1020014 F1020017 F1020030 F1020036F1050001 F1050002 F1050004 F1050007These are from a little roadtrip I did with my boo back in October. (Can you spot the kitty in these pictures?)

Hopefully I will be able to travel more often to pretty places next year, and carry a decent camera with me. This year I went to Madrid (which was fun, short and cold), Berlin (which was a nightmare, for personal reasons), London (which was way too short, I wanna go back soon), and in these pictures you can see Peniche, Nazaré, Óbidos, Lisbon, and we were also in Évora and Extremoz.

Have a brilliant 2014 everyone! ♥


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