Captive Louise, or Luísa Cativo, is a photographer from Porto with a very personal and specific view and approach to photography. It’s an awkward in-between — not exactly sweet, or outrageous, or poetic, or realistic, just an honest way of portraying life.

This blog showcases her work, inspirations, exclusive pictures and stories. Since this is the internet and all, the occasional random post with no specific purpose will certainly pop up every now and then.

To get to know Luisa better, you can read her interview here

This blog is both a portfolio and a personal blog, because personally Luisa feels like life and Art are or should be indissociable.

Published works in VICE, ZOOT, Posi+tive, MAI, Chased, P3, and is now waiting to share some good news with everyone, soon!

Check out her




If you want to get in contact with her, here’s the e-mail:


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