This next Friday the 23rd of May, starting at 19:30h there’s CONS — a brand new event thrown together by Converse that perfectly conveys the lifestyle associated with the brand.

In this fabulous event they’ll have skaters, photographers, artists and other agents that somehow contribute to urban culture. This is the second of a series of projects developed to inspire an entirely new generation of creative spirits associated with skate and street culture through art, photography and music.

Also, Throes+The Shine will be playing. Have you checked out this gorgeous video that André Tentugal directed for them? Casting and styling by yours truly ♥

Don’t miss it!I will have to because I will be thuggin’ it out with my lovely ladies from Thug Unicorn, but if I wasn’t I TOTALLY would be there because it’s gonna be AWESOME.

image007P.S. I’m gonna make an effort to update this blog more often, I swear!
P.P.S. I could really use some new sneakers.

2013 has definitely been a year of great highs and lows. It’s scary that it has already gone by, a whole year, just like that. Whoa, scary!

Even if the bad bits suck major balls, and even though what I’m about to say is super cliché, I do think they are the best way to learn and grow. Hopefully I did, and I’m hoping 2014 will bring a bunch of beautiful blossoming opportunities to kick ass in all the things I’m doing or plan to be doing soon. I hope I have the chance to take more cool pictures this following year as well, because 2013 was not the most productive year in that aspect — I’m totally to blame for that tough.

Looking forward for 2014 and kinda hoping it doesn’t go by as fast because that really freaks me out. Unless 2014 turns out to be super sucky, in that case the Universe can fast forward it.

I’ve been meaning to share these pictures for ages, so Imma do that right now!

 F1030014 Throes & The Shine @ Musicbox, LisbonF1030015 F1030017 F1030019 F1030031

OTTERS!!!F1030005 F1030007F1050018F1020014 F1020017 F1020030 F1020036F1050001 F1050002 F1050004 F1050007These are from a little roadtrip I did with my boo back in October. (Can you spot the kitty in these pictures?)

Hopefully I will be able to travel more often to pretty places next year, and carry a decent camera with me. This year I went to Madrid (which was fun, short and cold), Berlin (which was a nightmare, for personal reasons), London (which was way too short, I wanna go back soon), and in these pictures you can see Peniche, Nazaré, Óbidos, Lisbon, and we were also in Évora and Extremoz.

Have a brilliant 2014 everyone! ♥

Last week I went to the beautiful Estudios Sá da Bandeira to take new pictures for their website after their extreme make-over.

This recording studio is loaded with sexy vintage gear and has a genuine 70′s rock’n’roll vibe; it will get your creative juices flowin’ for sure.

If you’re in a band or in the music business you should definitely check it out – their rates are pretty inviting and the staff is super skilled in all sorts of things: from recording and playing instruments to baking cookies. Seriously.

For further inquiries contact

2 9 13 16 17 18 19 20 22joao e claudioJoão Brandão & Cláudio Tavares: the dream team!

The king of classic sneakers, Converse, has a new rock’n’roll inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2013 –  Rock Craftsmanship.

I guess if there’s a sneaker that can totally pull off rock’n’roll considering all of its history, well, that’s the Converse sneaker. Using luxurious leathers, grungy finishing and polished details available in the trendiest colors.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the world is saturated of spikes and studs; recently we’ve seen them all over our clothes, outerwear, shoes, accessories, I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen studded underwear guys. Come on. There is no way studded panties can be comfy, right?

But Converse managed to do studs and spikes skillfully and tastefully, they even did this sort of studded gradient that looks pretty neat. I’d rock those.

Chuck Taylor All Star Collar Studs Black 540366C

And regarding the spikes, they did these badass stegosaurus chucks.

The way I see it, they could play Michael Jackson in the videoclip for “Bad”, if said video was to be reenacted by sneakers.Chuck Taylor All Star Studded Jet Black Mono 140009C

And in this day and age, how can you possibly be a sneaker brand and not have a platform? Especially when you’re Converse. So there you go! I want them, even if I have an embarrassing lack of balance – I can’t even pull off 4cm platforms without twisting my ankles twice in five minutes, true story.Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Fiery Coral 540259C Chuck Taylor All Star Platform White 540262C

Baby Honky approves y’all!

jonkyFor more info regarding available models, colors, details, where can you get’em, etc etc, go HERE!

I’m in kitty paradise aka my parents’ house.
My mom is baking her amazing chocolate cake (you know which one I’m talking about) for me to take back home and share it with my friends. Let me know if you want a taste of chocolate-y heaven *winkwink*

Honky doesn’t want me to take pictures of other kitties, he gets jealous.


This is his new bff, Dora. She’s still kinda shy.






Cake in the making. If I had the skills to bake this by myself, I’d be one of those morbidly obese women that require a crane to get out of bed in the shortest time span.






Cheese bread rolls and creamy codfish with cornbread. Omnomnom

Had a busy, photo-illustrated weekend in Lisbon.
We started by doing the make-up for a wedding in a huge, beautiful seaside mansion near Cascais. I wouldn’t mind having a casual ceremony and spending a week partying with my friends there, at all. That’s the livin’!

I met Zombie, aka Nosfegato at David’s place, a rescue kitty with leukemia. He’s a total sweetheart despite the terrible breath cause by chronic gengivitis :3

Ani and I went to Alcochete to watch my baby luv’s hardcore band from his late teens/early twenties- Killing Frost – play, along with one of the greatest european hardcore bands still touring right now – No Turning Back – and one of the portuguese classic hardcore bands For The Glory.
It was fun, kind of a weird vibe going and plenty of tatos. Yes, tatos.

The next day we had brunch at Chef Nino’s at Lx Factory (everything is so pretty omg) and went back to the wedding place to pick up some stuff Ani left there. We were seriously tempted to toss ourselves into that vivid blue ocean, rawr.






Ani and her fuzzy baby, Yeti. Cuties!

I’ve mentioned several times in this blog the brand V!TOR with which I’ve worked with from September 2012 until last August, the 13th. Tomorrow, it will have been a month since I left and sadly it’s been a way messier break-up than I had anticipated.

It really does break my heart to leave a project I put so much love, time and effort into and that made me so creatively happy, but some things are just beyond acceptable and we all have our limits.

Right now, I’m not sure if I should disclose any more details regarding my departure from the brand and I wish I could give people a certainty of what will happen to V!TOR, but I honestly have no clue. I’m doing whatever is in my power to cover my back right now and figure out the best way to fix the damage that has been done.

I would also like to somehow celebrate all the great projects I’ve done throughout this year, with so many amazing artists and collaborators.

Here’s some of them!

Reborn SS13

All the promo videos can be seen here, totally worth a peek! For some reason, WordPress won’t let me embed videos from Vimeo, but you should definitely click this link and check out all the video goodies!

Filmed and edited by the greatly talented Vasco Mendes, Bruno Sousa, Mário Costa and Fábio Mota. Featuring Throes+The Shine, Loli, Daniela Love, Vitor Ramalhão, Jackie, Supa and Tania from Thug Unicorn, Onio and Alice. A huge thank you to each and every one of them.


Gustavo Carreiro did an awesome intro for the runway show at Lisboa Fashion Week, and you can see it here – 30 seconds of holy madness!

Karen Klink worked her magic on this collection’s prints with her wonderful illustrations.

Teresa Q also did wonders with her camera, photographing Gabriela and Ed for an interview we did for Parq Magazine.

Vitor | Winter 2014 | ModaLisboa - Trust21

V!TOR United SS14

It was great working with Ricardo Almeida, the gorgeous Maria João and Arthur Jacob with Carolina‘s splashes of fabulosity on the lookbook. Ana CMYK did an wonderful job with the catalog (looks like a sticker album, adorbz!) and Mr. Phomer made our stand look supa cute at Pure London.

1004643_10153092396635387_723531694_n photo(8)

f7d43214e3cf11e2acaf22000ae80c8d_7Also, Diogo Jesus/RUDOLFO did the kick-ass illustrations for two of the prints of this collection and his work is jaw-dropping in general.

photo(10) photo(9)The girls at Weekend Barber also did two pairs of special prototypes to go with this collection, and they are pretty far out.

A huuuuuge thank you to all the people I’ve worked with and all the wonderful people I’ve met this year through V!TOR.

We’ve created plenty of wonderful things together and maybe we will work again soon! ♥


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