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Pictures from parties spanning from around February to May – guess I’m not that much of a party girl!

Baile Tropicante @ Maus Hábitos


F1000006 F1000007 F1000008 F1000009Au Lait Prom – Valentine’s day @ Cafe Au Lait


Img - 001 (2) Img - 005 Img - 007Img - 011

Thug Unicorn @ Musicbox Lisboa


Img - 009 Img - 018 Img - 019 Img - 020

Thug Unicorn @ Gare Porto



Img - 022 Img - 024 Img - 028 Img - 029 Img - 030 Img - 034

Passos Manuel

Img - 001


The last time I was in Lisbon back in November I went to two parties that got kinda crazy; Rabbit Hole, where my baby boy António Onio was doing a performance and Thug Unicorn – I think by now you all must be at least kinda familiar with it, right?

Here are some pictures of both those nights, enjoy :3

Rabbit Hole

Img - 013 Img - 014 Img - 015 Img - 016 Img - 018 Img - 019 Img - 020

Thug Unicorn

Img - 021 Img - 022

~the rapture~

Img - 023 Img - 024 Img - 025 Onio has some fancy silky shorts

Img - 026Naldinho the lil ghost!

Img - 027

Before Milhões de Festa there was the return of Thug Unicorn to Lisbon, following a concert by the almighty Ghettoven and his gang of hotties.

Spent the whole day rollin’ with my girl bb Ani who I hope one day will come and just live in Porto already ~_~ ♥

We saw this blinged out car so…

Pictures, duh.

F1000014 F1000015Later that night, you guessed it, it was time to Thuggie!

F1000016 F1000017

And Thuggie we did!

F1000019 F1000020

Ani was such a tropper! All her friends ditched her, but she still partied her ass off with us ^_^ And then there was the stage invasion. First it was just these two guys;



Oh look, cool. These two guys are having fun onstage with us. That’s nice.


Oh, so now some other friends joined them. That’s also cool.


Oh, hey, damn so many people getting up on stage all of a sudden. Easy with the butt-shaking fellas, you’re tipping our drinks over expensive material over here! Heeey


This is getting a little out of hand. Security?



F1000018Everything is back to normal and everyone’s havin’ a good time without damaging the material :3 victoly!


Ghettoven and his sexy babe Vania Canhango


Vania and Za Hu werrrrrkin it!

F1000031 F1000032

Thug Unicorn: All about that luvvv ♥


What do you get after an excessive four-day festival where you also happen to perform with the best people – other than massive exhaustion? A warm, fuzzy feeling of love, friendship and accomplishment.

Also, crappy pictures of your lovely friends ♥

F1000002Queen Ana

F1000004King Onio

F1000005King Baby

F1000006 F1000007Ghettoven

F1000008 F1000010Ginger and The Ghost (the sweetest Aussie band ever)

F1000012Missy let me wear her fierce feathered cape and even took the picture! Sweet ♥

F1000014Queen Onio and his crew ft. João Garcia

F1000016Ana and Galaxy Cat

F1000017We’re totes random lol

F1000018Our friend got our names tattooed on his ankle! jk jk That’s his gf

F1000019Ana and Bwuno :3

F1000020Sexy King Baby Brandão

F1000022Satan, El Granada and Bruno

F1000023Bae and I ♥

F1000024Bae and I again ♥

F1000026Supa, Ana, Fua and his bae who is also my bae, Marcio ain’t havin’ none of it ’cause Fua is his bae

F1000027Duquesa playing ¥

F1000028Las chicas before le Thug Unicorn performance by the pool

F1000030Thug Unicornin’ HARD

F1000032Thug Unicornin’ GOOD

F1000034After Thug Unicornin’ the crap out of that magical pool

F1000035My beautiful baby luvs ♥


Can’t wait for next year’s Milhões de Festa :(

So, it seems like this weekend I’ll be leaving my cave.

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition Les Jeux Interdits, where my brand V!TOR is showing a video we did with the performer Antonio Onio.

Here are some of Mauro Ventura’s portraits, he was also painting a portrait straight onto the wall during the opening, it was pretty cool. This picture was taken by Cristina Miguel, who was wearing wonderful neon eyeshadow and has enormous eyelashes ♥

This exhibition is a part of something very special that Onio is organizing, Portugal’s first Portuguese Festival of Queer Performance — Looseholesfest. The exhibition is perfect; it’s cheeky, provocative, appealing and so much fun. Rita Roque should change her name to Rita Rockstar because she clearly kicked some ass curating this event, along with Mr. Daniel Pinheiro. Here’s our video:

Today I really want to go see Penny Arcade at Maus Hábitos. She used to be one of Andy Warhol’s actresses back in the 60’s, she’s amazing and hilarious and her show seems really fun. I wish people here in Porto were open-minded enough to enjoy the awesomeness of these shows without any prejudice. Here she is, in the company of equally amazing Patti Smith and Jackie Curtis.

Also, there’s a Coronado Party, with which we might or might not be doing something pretty cool soon. I hope it won’t be super rainy outside (ugh), but I’m pretty sure everyone will have a swell time regardless.

Finally, tomorrow my girls from Thug Unicorn and I will be performing at the closing party for Looseholesfest. Here’s the video we did in collaboration with V!TOR. I am ever so dorky, but it was a lot of fun. And our parties are really friggin’ great and you should never, ever miss them!

Some of you probably don’t know but I have been in a couple of music videos in my lifetime.

I think this happened mostly because, as a photographer who needs people to photograph at times, I believe it’s good karma to help director/photographer friends in need, when I can.

Last weekend I was in Vale de Cambra shooting a video for Lululemon, which you should definitely check out regardless of your music preferences. Vale de Cambra is very, very cold and it was also very, very rainy that day in particular. Warms my heart to see my aquiline nose so nicely presented in the middle of tight, mysterious shots. Its pet name is Anne Frank, for obvious reasons!

Here’s the teaser for the video, and some other videos I’ve been in! Can you spot me in these?

Being all cutesy and whimsy for Aquaparque

Wearing the shortest shorts ever for X-Wife

Me and my nose, aka lil Anne Frank being supa mysterious for Lululemon. News coming soon!

Last Sunday I spent my afternoon shooting with the girls from Thug Unicornthe footage for this video will be a part of V!TOR‘s promo video, but most of the footage will be for this amazing party’s promo video. It will be madness. Sheer madness! ♥

Spending a week in the countryside is amazing, but it’s also enough.

We didn’t have electricity on our last night over there. Trust me, sleeping in a huge house from the 16th century immersed in complete darkness without a flashlight – or even my cellphone – to shed some light on what I’m doing is pretty f*cking scary.

Pictures will be developed and posted soon!

Meanwhile, check out the Thug Unicorn Page on Facebook, I’m pretty excited about this party and its potential. Not just as a party, but the whole concept has a lot to be explored, image and music-wise.

If you’re in Porto, the first edition will be next Saturday and the main goal is to have an amazing time and make everyone’s booty shake. So, if you’re into that sorta thing you should drop by Plano B and be a sparkly badass with the rest of us!

P.S.: Seems like I will be scarring, sweating and biting people next week for a video. Fun!

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