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Before Milhões de Festa there was the return of Thug Unicorn to Lisbon, following a concert by the almighty Ghettoven and his gang of hotties.

Spent the whole day rollin’ with my girl bb Ani who I hope one day will come and just live in Porto already ~_~ ♥

We saw this blinged out car so…

Pictures, duh.

F1000014 F1000015Later that night, you guessed it, it was time to Thuggie!

F1000016 F1000017

And Thuggie we did!

F1000019 F1000020

Ani was such a tropper! All her friends ditched her, but she still partied her ass off with us ^_^ And then there was the stage invasion. First it was just these two guys;



Oh look, cool. These two guys are having fun onstage with us. That’s nice.


Oh, so now some other friends joined them. That’s also cool.


Oh, hey, damn so many people getting up on stage all of a sudden. Easy with the butt-shaking fellas, you’re tipping our drinks over expensive material over here! Heeey


This is getting a little out of hand. Security?



F1000018Everything is back to normal and everyone’s havin’ a good time without damaging the material :3 victoly!


Ghettoven and his sexy babe Vania Canhango


Vania and Za Hu werrrrrkin it!

F1000031 F1000032

Thug Unicorn: All about that luvvv ♥



What do you get after an excessive four-day festival where you also happen to perform with the best people – other than massive exhaustion? A warm, fuzzy feeling of love, friendship and accomplishment.

Also, crappy pictures of your lovely friends ♥

F1000002Queen Ana

F1000004King Onio

F1000005King Baby

F1000006 F1000007Ghettoven

F1000008 F1000010Ginger and The Ghost (the sweetest Aussie band ever)

F1000012Missy let me wear her fierce feathered cape and even took the picture! Sweet ♥

F1000014Queen Onio and his crew ft. João Garcia

F1000016Ana and Galaxy Cat

F1000017We’re totes random lol

F1000018Our friend got our names tattooed on his ankle! jk jk That’s his gf

F1000019Ana and Bwuno :3

F1000020Sexy King Baby Brandão

F1000022Satan, El Granada and Bruno

F1000023Bae and I ♥

F1000024Bae and I again ♥

F1000026Supa, Ana, Fua and his bae who is also my bae, Marcio ain’t havin’ none of it ’cause Fua is his bae

F1000027Duquesa playing ¥

F1000028Las chicas before le Thug Unicorn performance by the pool

F1000030Thug Unicornin’ HARD

F1000032Thug Unicornin’ GOOD

F1000034After Thug Unicornin’ the crap out of that magical pool

F1000035My beautiful baby luvs ♥


Can’t wait for next year’s Milhões de Festa :(

Obviously, I’m the most neglectful blogger in the world so I had to forget about my own blog’s birthday.

To celebrate, here are a few photo-highlights of this past year:

F1020019My baby is always a highlight. I’m allowed to have my moments of utter sappiness, ok? ♥

R1-04702-0000 Kid who was nice enough to let me take his portrait despite the sad look on his faceR1-04704-0037 R1-04703-0000Spending a month in San Francisco, meeting loads of amazing people and returning with a bunch of cool stories to tell and pictures to go with them.

These are placed where bike riders lose their lives in traffic accidents. I had never seen one before.

You can see João's ID danglin' over there

F1000039 F1010011Roadtrip with le boyfriend – San Francisco > L.A. > Portland > San Francisco (and the little towns in between)

EPSON scanner image Blues Pills GlockenwiseA crowded, yet pleasant pool at MdF. Also, boobs.Milhões de Festa, obviously.

PIC00067RIP Botswana

564325_4182503932718_1229769440_nAwesome birthday cake

83345898Becoming a part of V!TOR is always noteworthy!

Phew, I’m tired. We’ll continue reminiscing some other day this week, or the next one. I mean, two posts in the same week? What am I, a pro blogger? Pfft.You can find all of these pictures scattered around the blog anyway!

I am so tired, I feel my brain pouring out of my left ear.

*note: I stopped writing after this first line because I fell asleep right afterwards*

I think our show at ModaLisboa went pretty well, we got a lot of exciting feedback on our collection afterwards and I’m anxious to see what pans out after all the work we had. We still have a lot of work to do to get things going, so expect lots of exciting news soon!

Here are some cute pictures from the show and the backstage:

Awesome prints by Carla Raimundo, Styling by Nélson Vieira and I, flour installation by Ivo Teixeira, concept and design by Vitor Bastos and I for V!TOR!

See the full colection here!

Backstage pic by Maria Meyer for PARQ magazine

Great backstage pic by Sal!

I will be posting some of the sweet media coverage we got during the event, I just don’t want to spam you with all the new material at once!

There is also a photoshoot coming up, will be posting more on that soon as well:)

I’m just happy to be able to sleep in a room without a 4-year old godzilla child stomping around and screaming its head off on the top floor from 5am to 9am ♥

So, following this article on POSI+TIVE and this one after the 2011 edition of Milhões de Festa, here comes this little bundle of love for the festival, published in CHASED).

Once again, I am confessing my undying love for the festival, and trying to spread some of that love around :’)

Here are the pictures that didn’t make the cut, but are still fun to look at ♥

Throes + The Shine, chillin’ during an intensive workout/concert

Glockenwise + Barcelos street market

ALTO! playing at the pool / Joca vaguely reminds me of a backwards chubby bubbles girl here

Blues Pills, lovely

So there was a stage invasion during Throes + The Shine

Now let’s all weep ’cause it will only happen again next July.

So apparently I have people from Hong Kong, South Africa, Columbia, US & Canada and half a dozen of european countries reading my blog, wow. Oh, hi!

Sometimes I forget how far the internet goes and when I remember it always blows my mind a little.

Damn internet, u big!

I wish I knew the author, but I don’t. Still, GPOY

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