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Cute friends, cute cat, cute cake and lots of food <3

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I have been documenting my nocturnal life more than anything else at this point.

These pictures were taken during a span of two weeks of nights out, including my birthday dinner by the incredibly fabulous Chef Rø: can’t wait for another chance to eat his wonderful treats again and meet his new kitty, my first time DJing with my bb girl Ana as Corgi Buttz, and the last picture is on her birthday at Miss’Opo (as are some other pictures). As you can see, I know plenty of sexy people and that’s pretty cool.

Also, check out my new cute widget on the right and help this amazing fundraiser to help stray animals in need! You can do sooo much good without having any of the hard work and the least you can donate is $1 which is pretty affordable right? ^_^


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What do you get after an excessive four-day festival where you also happen to perform with the best people – other than massive exhaustion? A warm, fuzzy feeling of love, friendship and accomplishment.

Also, crappy pictures of your lovely friends ♥

F1000002Queen Ana

F1000004King Onio

F1000005King Baby

F1000006 F1000007Ghettoven

F1000008 F1000010Ginger and The Ghost (the sweetest Aussie band ever)

F1000012Missy let me wear her fierce feathered cape and even took the picture! Sweet ♥

F1000014Queen Onio and his crew ft. João Garcia

F1000016Ana and Galaxy Cat

F1000017We’re totes random lol

F1000018Our friend got our names tattooed on his ankle! jk jk That’s his gf

F1000019Ana and Bwuno :3

F1000020Sexy King Baby Brandão

F1000022Satan, El Granada and Bruno

F1000023Bae and I ♥

F1000024Bae and I again ♥

F1000026Supa, Ana, Fua and his bae who is also my bae, Marcio ain’t havin’ none of it ’cause Fua is his bae

F1000027Duquesa playing ¥

F1000028Las chicas before le Thug Unicorn performance by the pool

F1000030Thug Unicornin’ HARD

F1000032Thug Unicornin’ GOOD

F1000034After Thug Unicornin’ the crap out of that magical pool

F1000035My beautiful baby luvs ♥


Can’t wait for next year’s Milhões de Festa :(

I mean, pretty much. The only good thing about birthdays, other than it being a great excuse to make your friends hang out with you, is the birthday stuff — cake, decoration and party hats. I had all of these yesterday, woohoo! Now I have enough cake, ice cream and tagliatelle bolognese to feed an entire village.

Vitor being attacked by an imaginary raccoon. Also, Mariana’s hand, hee hee ♥

Myself, doing lots of weird faces while holding my -bday cake.

The original cake design :’)

Being a happy cat, with the cake, the ponies, the unicorn head and my bear party hat

Vitor’s slice of the cake, and the pink flamingo sunset napkins

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes and awesome pictures, videos and drawings — you guyz da best! ♥

This weekend was pretty amazing, I got to hang out with the awesome peoples of Spaceghetto for the first time. I jumped on trampolines for the first time, ate banana cream pie in a hipster-filled park  and walked my ass off around San Francisco. Expect to see a report about it soon!

But something had to go wrong, and while I was at the park taking pictures of our sort-of-picnic…my camera died. My sturdy, loyal companion of years, that stood by my side through school projects, festivals, photoshoots, kitty pictures and so much more has passed this Saturday. It’s the third time it has had problems in that same area, and I’m not sure it’s worth trying to fix it again so I’m just getting a new one.

So, in honour of my good mechanical friend, I’m posting some of the pictures I took with it for my first school project using film. It’s called “Our own pretty ways” and it’s sort of a passive diary, by following the changes in the lives of three of my closest friends at the time I’m representing my own life and I also draw my own conclusions regarding the impact each one of the girls had in my life.

I also did a little book with the pictures, I will have to upload some pictures of it when I get back to Portugal because I am actually quite proud of the way it turned out :)

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