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…still not sure if I’ll post a pt. 2 – maybe I’ll just use *those* photos to blackmail those involved in the future, when they’re rich and important people.

But here are the daytime pics, which are pretty cute and not embarrassing!

If you live under a rock and you’ve never heard of Milhões de Festa – check it out right now

Img - 001

Img - 002

Img - 003

Img - 004

Img - 005

Img - 006

Img - 007

Img - 008

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Img - 011

Img - 012sss

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What do you get after an excessive four-day festival where you also happen to perform with the best people – other than massive exhaustion? A warm, fuzzy feeling of love, friendship and accomplishment.

Also, crappy pictures of your lovely friends ♥

F1000002Queen Ana

F1000004King Onio

F1000005King Baby

F1000006 F1000007Ghettoven

F1000008 F1000010Ginger and The Ghost (the sweetest Aussie band ever)

F1000012Missy let me wear her fierce feathered cape and even took the picture! Sweet ♥

F1000014Queen Onio and his crew ft. João Garcia

F1000016Ana and Galaxy Cat

F1000017We’re totes random lol

F1000018Our friend got our names tattooed on his ankle! jk jk That’s his gf

F1000019Ana and Bwuno :3

F1000020Sexy King Baby Brandão

F1000022Satan, El Granada and Bruno

F1000023Bae and I ♥

F1000024Bae and I again ♥

F1000026Supa, Ana, Fua and his bae who is also my bae, Marcio ain’t havin’ none of it ’cause Fua is his bae

F1000027Duquesa playing ¥

F1000028Las chicas before le Thug Unicorn performance by the pool

F1000030Thug Unicornin’ HARD

F1000032Thug Unicornin’ GOOD

F1000034After Thug Unicornin’ the crap out of that magical pool

F1000035My beautiful baby luvs ♥


Can’t wait for next year’s Milhões de Festa :(

As you might have read in the last three posts, I went to the festival Paredes de Coura. Honestly, last year the shows were a lot more intense. This year, most of the concerts left me a bit underwhelmed. These guys were an exception, their show was a lotta fun, and their outfits were very sexy.

But, you know what really matters? Pictures!

The people who inhabited the castle with me for the last week: Beer, Helder and Nadili

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It appears I have been slacking on my blog updatin’. Sorry about that.

From last Thursday to Sunday, the most anticipated event of 2012 happened – Milhões de Festa ♥♥
Pictures will be developed today, and eventually posted. I think I’ll let the MdF spam die down a little before I post them here or somewhere else. Maybe I’ll write something about it for some publication, I don’t know man. But it was pretty awesome. And so was my cosmic swimsuit, according to some people :’)

I also took pictures for an editorial on the backstage of the festival, I am dying to see how those turned out because it all happened so fast!! Before I knew it, my lovely model was being hassled by drunk metal heads who nearly ruined her badass leather boots!

Yesterday night was one of my baby’s bands last show/funeral, Botswana. Pictures will be developed today as well, and I will quietly sob while I upload them to the internets. It was pretty fun for a funeral though. It bums me out that they’re ending though. Boo.

Botswana looking smart as f*ck

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Today I went outside for the first time since I arrived on Sunday. It’s hard for my brain not to compare both cities, constantly, even for the brief amount of time I spent outside:

1. people walk annoyingly slow and they never get out of your way

2. the cars are parked in the weirdest places

3. indiscrete stares, my cat t-shirt must be really cute

4. how unhelpful the costumer service is, rude even

I guess it could be worse right? Also, the cute lil’ hipsters who are here to attend Optimus Primavera Sound are swarming the streets and subways of Porto.

Apparently, I’m going as well, which I wasn’t really planning to!

In exchange, I’ll have to show off my fancy footwork at the Adidas Originals stand, where they’re having a contest for those of you attending the festival – the one with the best moves wins a complete outfit by Adidas, from head to toe! The All Originals motto is “make dance moves” so, if you think you got what it takes give it your best shot. But I will be a FIERCE competitor, f’real!

See you soon, lil’ heepsters ♥

These two are from SF, but they illustrate nicely what I mean. Aww!

It’s hard for me to write a post without establishing some sort of connection with what I’m going through right now.

So there are certain events in your life that help redefining who or what you are. This trip will definitely be one of them, but last year there was one that didn’t even involve much travelling, at least physically. I’m talking about the sweetest music festival in the world: Milhões de Festa (Millions of Party, literal translation).

Last year, I decided to go in the last minute, I came up with the idea of doing a portrait of the festival through its crowd. I wrote two articles about it – in english, yay! – you can find them here and here.

The key element was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and find or develop skills that I wasn’t even sure I had to pull it through and accomplish your goals. In this case, I had to approach people I didn’t know, I had to be sociable and nice so they’d let me take their picture – which at the time wasn’t very easy for me, I’m a bit shy and it was quite a challenge but extremely rewarding. Now I can approach people a lot more confidently when working on these sort of projects, and even in other work environments or when networking – it has made things a lot easier for me.

Milhões has also made me more passionate about working with musicians and bands in general, and it definitely brought me closer to the guys from Lovers & Lollypops (who organize Milhões de Festa) and some of the musicians from the bands they signed, which is pretty amazing.

I am now working on a documentary about Lovers & Lollypops with my good friend Luis Lima, and it has been a great and fun experience interacting with all the people in the bands.

The drummer from LSD Mossel didn’t want me to take a regular portrait of him, as you can see

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