Birthday pics and other shenanigans

I have been documenting my nocturnal life more than anything else at this point.

These pictures were taken during a span of two weeks of nights out, including my birthday dinner by the incredibly fabulous Chef Rø: can’t wait for another chance to eat his wonderful treats again and meet his new kitty, my first time DJing with my bb girl Ana as Corgi Buttz, and the last picture is on her birthday at Miss’Opo (as are some other pictures). As you can see, I know plenty of sexy people and that’s pretty cool.

Also, check out my new cute widget on the right and help this amazing fundraiser to help stray animals in need! You can do sooo much good without having any of the hard work and the least you can donate is $1 which is pretty affordable right? ^_^


Img - 001 Img - 003 Img - 005 Img - 006  Img - 011 Img - 012 Img - 014 Img - 015 Img - 016 Img - 017 Img - 018 Img - 019 Img - 020 Img - 022 Img - 023 Img - 024


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