Good vibes for 2014?

2013 has definitely been a year of great highs and lows. It’s scary that it has already gone by, a whole year, just like that. Whoa, scary!

Even if the bad bits suck major balls, and even though what I’m about to say is super cliché, I do think they are the best way to learn and grow. Hopefully I did, and I’m hoping 2014 will bring a bunch of beautiful blossoming opportunities to kick ass in all the things I’m doing or plan to be doing soon. I hope I have the chance to take more cool pictures this following year as well, because 2013 was not the most productive year in that aspect — I’m totally to blame for that tough.

Looking forward for 2014 and kinda hoping it doesn’t go by as fast because that really freaks me out. Unless 2014 turns out to be super sucky, in that case the Universe can fast forward it.

I’ve been meaning to share these pictures for ages, so Imma do that right now!

 F1030014 Throes & The Shine @ Musicbox, LisbonF1030015 F1030017 F1030019 F1030031

OTTERS!!!F1030005 F1030007F1050018F1020014 F1020017 F1020030 F1020036F1050001 F1050002 F1050004 F1050007These are from a little roadtrip I did with my boo back in October. (Can you spot the kitty in these pictures?)

Hopefully I will be able to travel more often to pretty places next year, and carry a decent camera with me. This year I went to Madrid (which was fun, short and cold), Berlin (which was a nightmare, for personal reasons), London (which was way too short, I wanna go back soon), and in these pictures you can see Peniche, Nazaré, Óbidos, Lisbon, and we were also in Évora and Extremoz.

Have a brilliant 2014 everyone! ♥


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