Sunny Lisbon

Had a busy, photo-illustrated weekend in Lisbon.
We started by doing the make-up for a wedding in a huge, beautiful seaside mansion near Cascais. I wouldn’t mind having a casual ceremony and spending a week partying with my friends there, at all. That’s the livin’!

I met Zombie, aka Nosfegato at David’s place, a rescue kitty with leukemia. He’s a total sweetheart despite the terrible breath cause by chronic gengivitis :3

Ani and I went to Alcochete to watch my baby luv’s hardcore band from his late teens/early twenties- Killing Frost – play, along with one of the greatest european hardcore bands still touring right now – No Turning Back – and one of the portuguese classic hardcore bands For The Glory.
It was fun, kind of a weird vibe going and plenty of tatos. Yes, tatos.

The next day we had brunch at Chef Nino’s at Lx Factory (everything is so pretty omg) and went back to the wedding place to pick up some stuff Ani left there. We were seriously tempted to toss ourselves into that vivid blue ocean, rawr.






Ani and her fuzzy baby, Yeti. Cuties!

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