I’m gonna be a mommy!!1

…to a precious little kitty by the end of this week. Gotcha!

I’ll do my best to swarm this blog with pictures of the little beast once I get him, promise.

Things have been kinda hectic, preparing for Bread&Butter Berlin — by the way, if you’re planning to drop by, hit us up and we can meet, yay — and we’ve just launched a Flash-Sale at our online shop.

◊Follow this link if you want to know more about it◊

And here’s the accompanying image for the sale

Cats, tropical pidgeons, bananas, funky colors and pretty models: nailed it!

I also did this one, to express my frustration with our current unstable meteorologic condition

I just find bananas and pineapples so aesthetically pleasing, I can’t resist using them everywhere. And dragon-fruits, have you checked out those crazy bastards? They are amazing looking. I’ve never tasted one, but I’ve heard they are insanely sour, so I think I’ll pass.

This is my “Summer, please come quickly/LALALALA I’m totally unaware that Primavera Sound is happening right now” post, just so you know ♥

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