Socially active weekends

So, it seems like this weekend I’ll be leaving my cave.

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition Les Jeux Interdits, where my brand V!TOR is showing a video we did with the performer Antonio Onio.

Here are some of Mauro Ventura’s portraits, he was also painting a portrait straight onto the wall during the opening, it was pretty cool. This picture was taken by Cristina Miguel, who was wearing wonderful neon eyeshadow and has enormous eyelashes ♥

This exhibition is a part of something very special that Onio is organizing, Portugal’s first Portuguese Festival of Queer Performance — Looseholesfest. The exhibition is perfect; it’s cheeky, provocative, appealing and so much fun. Rita Roque should change her name to Rita Rockstar because she clearly kicked some ass curating this event, along with Mr. Daniel Pinheiro. Here’s our video:

Today I really want to go see Penny Arcade at Maus Hábitos. She used to be one of Andy Warhol’s actresses back in the 60’s, she’s amazing and hilarious and her show seems really fun. I wish people here in Porto were open-minded enough to enjoy the awesomeness of these shows without any prejudice. Here she is, in the company of equally amazing Patti Smith and Jackie Curtis.

Also, there’s a Coronado Party, with which we might or might not be doing something pretty cool soon. I hope it won’t be super rainy outside (ugh), but I’m pretty sure everyone will have a swell time regardless.

Finally, tomorrow my girls from Thug Unicorn and I will be performing at the closing party for Looseholesfest. Here’s the video we did in collaboration with V!TOR. I am ever so dorky, but it was a lot of fun. And our parties are really friggin’ great and you should never, ever miss them!


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