What has been up


Just kidding. That’s just my brain making up for the lack of sugar consumed last week due to my body’s self-sabotage.

It was an intense weekend; first I did hair and make-up at a super international wedding (the bride is a dear friend of mine’s sister) in this gorgeous place in Lamego, it was all sunny and magical and I’m not even the kind of person who’s into weddings — except for the free food, I love free food. Didn’t take pictures and couldn’t find better ones online. Sad face.

vv38After a reinvigorating coma, it was Sunday and the boys from Lovers&Lollypops threw a wonderful Taina Fest in Pensão Favorita‘s backyard. Warm, sunny, great music (Holloys and Purling Hiss played) and cats running around. So good.

Pictures from: O Galinheiro. They have a pretty solid archive of what’s happening in Porto, music-wise. You should definitely take the time to look around.

And to close this post, a video regarding how I generally feel about footwear: sneakers > shoes. I mean, if you’re going to to walking around in the countryside and rocking out in backyards, shoes just don’t seem all that practical. Especially if it’s hot out and you have to wear them for a bunch of hours. I mean, even in our shows for V!TOR we aaaalways wear sneakers. And our models love us for that :>

◊Stay tuned for more news regarding awesome stuff happening soon!◊


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