I am actually making a post about shoes

For some reason completely beyond my understanding, I’ve written this post twice, and it disappears once it’s posted. See, this is what happens when I write about stuff like…shoes. Quoting oldschool internet sensation, Kelly “omg shoes”.

PVP 85 EUROS G07305-CT100U-13S05

But if there’s a kind of footwear that would actually make sense writing about here, that would be Converse’s Chuck Taylors. Converse is releasing  The Well Worn Converse Sneaker Collection, a collection of “well worn” shoes that have been carefully treated to reproduce the age-worn effect in the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star. Its special canvas has been treated to give that effect and both the sole and the toe are faux-dirty. Now you don’t have to roll around in mud or ask each and every one of your friends to step on your new kicks so they lose that ghastly new-shoe glow.

I got my first pair of chucks (black hi-tops) when I was 15 and we were inseparable. I wore them relentlessly for years and only stopped when they were turning into sandals (with all the holes and all). It still took me a while to throw them out – I’m not entirely sure I actually did throw them out, come to think about it.

I wore them to my first Summer Festival, Vilar de Mouros in 2003. They got grey from all the dust, and brown from being stepped on by dozens of concert-goers. I wore them when I got my first *official* tattoo, and throughout most of highschool. I can’t count the number of parties or concerts I’ve been to in my Chucks. For context’s sake, here’s a picture of me back then (brace yourselves):

Puberty was super kind to me, I know. Now I look like a somewhat normal human being at least.

I have to agree with Converse on this one: “Spotless, bright, perfect things have no soul… but the more used the better. Each pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star becomes unique. Every scratch, each stain… is a stamp of authenticity; it is a source of good memories just in our sneakers…” dramatic ellipsis and all.

PVP 85 EUROS G07304-CT099U-13S04

    • ahaha seriously? It’s like the worst picture in the history of my existence!


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