Happy 1st Birthday, Galaxy Pizza Cat!

Obviously, I’m the most neglectful blogger in the world so I had to forget about my own blog’s birthday.

To celebrate, here are a few photo-highlights of this past year:

F1020019My baby is always a highlight. I’m allowed to have my moments of utter sappiness, ok? ♥

R1-04702-0000 Kid who was nice enough to let me take his portrait despite the sad look on his faceR1-04704-0037 R1-04703-0000Spending a month in San Francisco, meeting loads of amazing people and returning with a bunch of cool stories to tell and pictures to go with them.

These are placed where bike riders lose their lives in traffic accidents. I had never seen one before.

You can see João's ID danglin' over there

F1000039 F1010011Roadtrip with le boyfriend – San Francisco > L.A. > Portland > San Francisco (and the little towns in between)

EPSON scanner image Blues Pills GlockenwiseA crowded, yet pleasant pool at MdF. Also, boobs.Milhões de Festa, obviously.

PIC00067RIP Botswana

564325_4182503932718_1229769440_nAwesome birthday cake

83345898Becoming a part of V!TOR is always noteworthy!

Phew, I’m tired. We’ll continue reminiscing some other day this week, or the next one. I mean, two posts in the same week? What am I, a pro blogger? Pfft.You can find all of these pictures scattered around the blog anyway!


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