GRÓIA 2012

This is happening this Saturday night in Guimarães, doors open at 22h.

Some context: if you’re Portuguese and not living under a rock you must be aware that Guimarães is the European Capital of Culture for 2012. There have been plenty of events, concerts, performances, exhibitions, etc and VICE Portugal is doing its thing and doing the coverage of the whole thing.

This following Saturday, the organisation is joining forces with VICE and Lovers & Lollypops — DIY label/promoter extraordinaire from Porto — to put together a super-party featuring some of Portugal’s most explosive emerging acts. There’s also a DJ called Quesadilla, who would want to miss that?

My bf dearest is also playing there with his boys from Throes + The Shine, who are likely to set the stage on fire with their fierce Rockuduro moves. If you feel like your life is lacking fun times, you should check them out, for reals.

onstage with Throes + The Shine TiTSAlso, if you’re the proud owner of a vagina and if you’re quick enough, you can get an invitation for free! Ask me how, and I will redirect you to the magic gate of free invitations to GRÓIA 2012 ♥

  1. Aiii, isso quer dizer que já não é este fim-de-semana que vens cá também? -__-‘ e porque só aí em cima é que se passam coisas assim divertidas? Bah.


    • Miga, eu amanhã as 16h já tou aí na tua terra! Só fiz um postzinho sobre isto porque sou miga das pessoas e o meu boy vai lá tocar ;D amanha mando te mensage!


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