Winter Blues and News

It’s cold, it’s nearly Christmas, it sucks. My feet are incapable of producing any sort of heat so, regardless of how many socks I put on they’re still as cold as a corpse. An actual corpse, I’m not even kidding. You know those foil blankets you wrap around people with hypothermia to warm them up so they don’t die while they wait for medical assistance? Those things do nothing for me, I can wrap them around my feet and the foil thingy gets cold instead of warming up my feet. I think this might be a sort of super-power.

I also think that a part of my brain might be hibernating due to lack of coping mechanisms. No gusta leaving the house with 5 or 6 layers of clothing. It makes me feel like a fuzzy onion, so I’m turning into a hermit.

But out with the rant, in with the updates:

  • New editorial/interview coming soon, yay
  • More video shootin’s for the V!TOR promos, pictures will follow
  • Production, catalogues, photoshoots, media stuff, etc etc for V!TOR‘s online store launch, SOON
  • Going to Lisbon next week


berlinmaking of berlinMy very own baby sister, who’s living in Berlin, collaborated with our friend and performer Antonio Onio on one of the promo videos. I am so proud of how gorgeous and fierce my bb sis is ♥

ice creams icre cream 1Meanwhile, here in Porto we filmed another part of the promo, that involved people feeding ice cream to each other’s foreheads. Daniela and Vitor were extremely patient, but they took out their anger on me by the end of the shooting, as you can see. Felt great :)

  1. Aahhhh!! Vens a Lisboa?? ^-^ temos de combinar um rendez-vous com os fixes!
    About the feet… Oh darling, i feel your pain. Não sinto os meus desde Outubro. Talvez se comprarmos meias de astronautas juntas tenhamos desconto se for em grande quantidade :p


    • Yes! I am so up for that! Vou 6ª e volto domingo! No sábado vocês podiam passar na Akira, que vamos por lá pecinhas à venda :)

      Nem me digas nada, eu acho que vou começar a combater o crime, congelando os bad guys com o toque gélido do meu pé.


  2. dezunne said:

    Wow, that heart shirt is super-disturbing!

    Re: the feet: maybe take a hot (full-body) bath, and then put on some ski socks? I didn’t realize it got so cold in Portugal, but then again, I live in south/central Texas. Next summer I will send you a small balloon filled with our hot summer air. You can save it for winter and use it on your feet.


    • If by disturbing you mean adorable, I agree! :) reminds me of the carebears for some reason!
      I can’t take a bath, I only have a shower, and my feet cold in a nanosecond so it’s useless ._. I need to get some ski socks, maybe that’ll do the trick! The balloon with be nice :D


  3. Lauren said:

    I have the same problem! My apt is solo cold at night and I plan to get some down filled booties!!!! Even tho iI live in LA, the nights can get really cold~that’s why there are so many propane heaters everywhere even in summer!!! I Need to get back into yoga to get the old circulation going again~ that might just do the trick…btw, I love love the music video in your previous post. Gorgeous and mellow!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


    • I am seriously considering buying some ski socks and some sort of super-propane heater. Does yoga help with circulation? Because my legs are dead from the knee down, same for my hands and nose. I might just lose my mind and start taking up yoga if it mends this ridiculous situation. My dad told me about some pills that nordic peeps use before Winter to prepare their body for the cold, I might need to research those better too!

      And thank you for the compliments on the video ;)


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