brief stints as a video girl and other nonsense

Some of you probably don’t know but I have been in a couple of music videos in my lifetime.

I think this happened mostly because, as a photographer who needs people to photograph at times, I believe it’s good karma to help director/photographer friends in need, when I can.

Last weekend I was in Vale de Cambra shooting a video for Lululemon, which you should definitely check out regardless of your music preferences. Vale de Cambra is very, very cold and it was also very, very rainy that day in particular. Warms my heart to see my aquiline nose so nicely presented in the middle of tight, mysterious shots. Its pet name is Anne Frank, for obvious reasons!

Here’s the teaser for the video, and some other videos I’ve been in! Can you spot me in these?

Being all cutesy and whimsy for Aquaparque

Wearing the shortest shorts ever for X-Wife

Me and my nose, aka lil Anne Frank being supa mysterious for Lululemon. News coming soon!

Last Sunday I spent my afternoon shooting with the girls from Thug Unicornthe footage for this video will be a part of V!TOR‘s promo video, but most of the footage will be for this amazing party’s promo video. It will be madness. Sheer madness! ♥

    • Babyyy, onde é que consigo falar contigo além de comentários no blogue?
      Tens chat do googley ou assim? :>


  1. dezunne said:

    I have now seen the moonsha in motion, and it was good.


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