Los Angeles My Little Pony exhibition

This means I have given up on the zine featuring the San Francisco/U.S. trip pictures. At least for now, I really don’t have the mental space to organize something like that in a visually pleasing manner – especially with this annoying sinus infection goin’ on.

So, for my own pleasure and possibly anyone who stumbles upon this post: here’s some GIANT PONIES! All blinged and pimped out, awesome.

Ok, Spongebob is not a pony but I’ll get to it, don’t worry. This was at the same exhibition.

Adorable magical pony painting

Overwhelming pony shoes

It made me very happy that they went with the oldschool pony model, instead of these weird skinny cat-like ponies from the new cartoon series. Too bad that the souvenirs featured the new ponies and not the old ones, boo.

And of course, me being a dork next to the ponies. I like to call that my melted pony sweater, don’t ask why. The pictures turned out super grainy, I assume it was because the film was expired.

Hope you enjoyed these little bits of the My Little Pony exhibit ♥


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