I guess everyone must be a little saturated with the reoccurring Lisbon Fashion Week theme lately on facebook and in this blog, so I thought I’d post about something else this time. Doughnuts seem like a pretty good theme for a blog post, right?

When João and I were in the US last May/June – he went back in the beginning of this month and is still there now, lucky bastard – we went to Portland for a couple of days.

While there, we became acquainted with the legendary VOODOO DOUGHNUTS, creators of the super-legendary BACON MAPLE DOUGHNUT. That we didn’t try, it was too much for our Mediterranean hearts, sorry.

We did have two Voodoo Dolls, The Loop, and some others I can’t remember. The Pentagram Doughnut was sold out :(

But hey, pictures!

The brick walls were covered in glitter, how cute is that?

Their neon sign is also pretty nifty.

Only dorks pose with their doughnuts right? Well, we regret nothing.

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