Back home!

I am so tired, I feel my brain pouring out of my left ear.

*note: I stopped writing after this first line because I fell asleep right afterwards*

I think our show at ModaLisboa went pretty well, we got a lot of exciting feedback on our collection afterwards and I’m anxious to see what pans out after all the work we had. We still have a lot of work to do to get things going, so expect lots of exciting news soon!

Here are some cute pictures from the show and the backstage:

Awesome prints by Carla Raimundo, Styling by Nélson Vieira and I, flour installation by Ivo Teixeira, concept and design by Vitor Bastos and I for V!TOR!

See the full colection here!

Backstage pic by Maria Meyer for PARQ magazine

Great backstage pic by Sal!

I will be posting some of the sweet media coverage we got during the event, I just don’t want to spam you with all the new material at once!

There is also a photoshoot coming up, will be posting more on that soon as well:)

I’m just happy to be able to sleep in a room without a 4-year old godzilla child stomping around and screaming its head off on the top floor from 5am to 9am ♥

  1. Oh man. That sweatshirt is AMAZING. It is so tough to take sportswear and make it unique, but this really is. The colorful paneling is insane, and I just love the badass, yet classy cool way that it’s styled.



    • Hey Gabrielle! Thanks for the sweet words, I’ll keep everyone posted once everything is online for sale ;)


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