Less than a week until Lisbon Fashion Week

I’ll have a long week of gluing stuff, enveloping stuff, replying to stuff, packing stuff, stuffing stuff, and who knows what else! Good thing my weekend will be topped with unicorns, ponies, shiny things, and all those things that I love – thanks to V!TOR

Here’s some out-takes from the editorial I finished the other day, with lovely Estefânia and Cris. We’re wearing the funky widow caps from V!TOR’s 2012/13 Fall/Winter collection, and I look mentally challenged as I usually do in pictures.

Taken in Estúdios Sá da Bandeira‘s lounge.

    • captivelouise said:

      Mesmo! :D amanhã já vou começar a envelopar os convites das madames! Vocês vão ficar lá pelo Pátio da Galé? É que o Vitor diz que devemos ser raptados pela imprensa depois do desfile, e eu não sei quanto tempo isso irá demorar :(
      Queria tar com bocês e dar-vos bué de kisses!


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