Body does not approve

Seems like my body can’t handle being one year older, what a wuss!

I am now giving my creative soul brotha Vitor a hand with the communication and social media stuff for his brand V!TOR. So, you know, check it out.

I also took the flyer picture for the collection he’ll show in Lisbon Fashion Week, starts in about two weeks. The concept of Reborn, as the name suggests,revolves around the rebirth of V!TOR, and is the last part of the trilogy that started with RROM, followed by Life And Death.

I have also used some of his pieces in some photoshoots that you might be familiar with already:

That skirt is made of salmon leather, how crazy is that?

So, if you want to see what kind of madness we’re up to in the following days, here’s the Facebook page and le Twitter. ♥

P.S. Virtual support for the protesters in Madrid. Also, this week I will finally have the pictures I took in the protest against the austerity measures here in Porto a week and a half ago. Let’s all hope things eventually change for the best.

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