Milhões de Festa – article and pictures out!

So, following this article on POSI+TIVE and this one after the 2011 edition of Milhões de Festa, here comes this little bundle of love for the festival, published in CHASED).

Once again, I am confessing my undying love for the festival, and trying to spread some of that love around :’)

Here are the pictures that didn’t make the cut, but are still fun to look at ♥

Throes + The Shine, chillin’ during an intensive workout/concert

Glockenwise + Barcelos street market

ALTO! playing at the pool / Joca vaguely reminds me of a backwards chubby bubbles girl here

Blues Pills, lovely

So there was a stage invasion during Throes + The Shine

Now let’s all weep ’cause it will only happen again next July.

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