Sexual Sensory Perception

Last week I saw your Pale Highness in Lisbon, as you know. If you don’t, it’s probably because you didn’t read my blog last week, which is totally fine. Whatever.

Anyway, it was pretty cool, although I think the venue and the acoustics weren’t up to the skills of the band and Mr. White himself. It would probably work better in a more intimate venue – but he brings in a lotta people and it would be virtually impossible. Maybe one day we’ll be friends and he’ll come to play at my wedding or something.


Filipe driving on the way back. Cool flare and shit.

My baby sleeping against the car window. Awww ♥

Carbono, Record Store in Lisbon

Can you find the wittle froggy?

These last two were taken at the Botanical Garden in Porto. Must go back there and take more pictures with the cactuses, I love those prickly bastards.

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  1. I love this set of pictures, very beautiful. I’ve never been to Lisbon and I’m just waiting for a good reason to get there.

    Check out my new lifestyle/photography blog at

    Much love,



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