The Oven

I get deeply annoyed when most of the stuff I have and want to share is hanging somewhere.

X is not getting published until who knows when, been working on Y  because it’s urgent but have no idea when it’s coming out, which leaves me with no time to finish Z for now or move along with W or getting started with V. At the same time, an idea for T came to my head out of nowhere and it has to be done soon if I want it to work or make sense, but I need  M, N and O‘s confirmation, and nobody knows when that’s gonna happen.

I do have V!TOR‘s new collection’s image to share with you guys though! Check it out, he’s eating Unicorn meat on a rooftop, how sick is that? Pretty sick right? Oh yeah

and there’s more, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share for now. Sadface

Meanwhile, I need to get me a job that actually pays so my ass can pay some bills, buy some material and if I’m lucky enough, travel to some place awesome next year.

Also, I have a film to develop that contains kitties, Lisbon and ice cream. Not just any ice cream – mom’s epic chocolate + caramel + coffee ice cream that is only made once a year otherwise the world would implode with too much sugar, eggs, white chocolate and amazingness. Even if that’s not even a word.

Over and out, Louise.

Random selfie in SF

Weird scan the guys at the shop did of one of the pictures, I have no idea why it turned out like this

Random hair salon with random poodles in SF


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