His Royal Paleness

Today I’m getting my ass to Lisbon to watch his Royal Paleness, Mr. Jack White play at Coliseu dos Recreios. I don’t even care if he’s starting to look more and more like a Tim Burton character. He does wonderful things with coke bottles, and that’s enough for me.

See you all tomorrow!

  1. Yep! I was supposed to go, even had my ticket but… La Tomatina killed me and I had to work with only 4 hours of sleep… You got to write about what I’ve missed, at least I’ll know what a great concert I had to miss. *


    • It was pretty neat, but honestly I don’t think the venue and the acoustics did the band justice; I think there were a lot of cool details lost in the distortion. Personally, it would work much better in a more intimate venue, but I know it’s impossible for an artist as well known as he is, he attracts a huge and diverse crowd that’s for sure!


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