A donkey bit my boob

After the intensive week I had that culminated in the first Thug Unicorn Party last Saturday – which, by the way, was epic and amazing and all of that good stuff – going to Arouca the following Sunday seemed like a good idea. My boyfriend’s parents have a lovely country house over there, but instead of enjoying the countryside I just hung out with his family for a bit and then blacked out into a 4hour nap. Embarrassing.

This is Zulmira

João and mini-donkey, I’m not sure if he has a name. He reminds me of Donkey from Shrek

They also have two donkeys. One of them is a midget, and the other one is a girl donkey who loves attention.

She craved attention so much that she bit my boob when I turned my face away from her to look at the camera. I did not expect to have a mastectomy performed by a donkey, that’s the stuff of nightmares right there. Luckily, I was wearing a bra that was thick enough to prevent my boob from getting hurt after this unnecessary love nibble.

When you wish upon a staaaar, lil’ donkey, makes no difference who you aaaare

A big frustration of mine: I can never take a decent picture of me + the boyfriend. It either comes off blurry, out of focus, terribly composed, badly lit, I just never seem to get it right!

But one day, I WILL take the perfect couple picture, and I will post it all over thos damn blog even if it’s the last thing I do!


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