Post-apocalyptic Mutant Vampires

or “If Rambo was a sexy female vampire” – which one is the catchiest? Because it’s what I spent most of my last week doing with the folks from Lula Gigante, the italian director Marco Marchesi and the adorable actresses and actors.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a make-up artist as well and I know a bit about characterization / special FX make-up. So basically, last week I was in charge of all the fake blood and sweat on set.

Here are a few pictures of the actresses in the first two days – on the third day of shooting we were at a dark abandoned factory at night, which means no pictures, and on the fourth I forgot my camera and that made me very sad. The location was beautiful, I want to go back there soon and have a picnic.


day 1

GRRRL RIOT y’all!day 2

the making-of by the director’s brother, Antonio

My hair, looking all weird with the beach windDoing my thingmy thing, on Daniela

    • Aaah, muito obrigada Mr. Sérgio! Hei-de lá voltar para um passeio e fotos :) espero que esteja tudo bem por aí!


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