Furry Beasts

My parents own a bunch of pets, so every time I go to their place it’s kitty and puppy heaven.

Last time I was there I had a roll of film that I had to finish so I decided to try and take some portraits of said exquisite fauna. It is not an easy task.

I managed to take pictures of Clara, the new crazy pup on the block, Benny the black lab, Sasha de german shepherd, Dylan the (I don’t know how this happened but now he is) cross-eyed bengal cat and the gray tabby we call Grande (Big). Angus, sadly, was a no show :(

Sasha, being her epic self

Clara almost looks like a normal puppy here

this is what she’s like 24/7 YAP YAP YAP

Benny seriously can’t deal with all the commotion

Dylan, the saint plant cat

Big kitty wants out, please

can this be considered a pet?

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