Paredes de Coura

As you might have read in the last three posts, I went to the festival Paredes de Coura. Honestly, last year the shows were a lot more intense. This year, most of the concerts left me a bit underwhelmed. These guys were an exception, their show was a lotta fun, and their outfits were very sexy.

But, you know what really matters? Pictures!

The people who inhabited the castle with me for the last week: Beer, Helder and Nadili

Pt 2: Aragão, Smiley Face and Beer again

Pt 3: the hover hand, Nadili, me and our lack of ability to look decent in pictures

Francisco, aka Smiley Face

Daniela and her friend, looking extremely adorable during Gang Gang Dance

funny crowd peoples during Gang Gang Dance

Ornatos Violeta and the largest crowd I have ever seen in Paredes de Coura. It was intense!

finally, le me inside the castle doing the silly mirror picture thing. Sorry about that

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