Summer Rituals

I guess some summer festivals become more of a ritual than anything else.

Last year, Milhões took the #1 spot in my heart on this summer rank, but Paredes de Coura has its special place too. Not necessarily the festival itself, but the whole “sleeping in the castle + swimming pool + dancing” combo is a pretty sweet one.

So, here are some pictures from the last rituals:

This one is called “deer with a broken neck”. Inspired in Louis CK, Ponte da Barca 2011

Tânia, Stefano and Ana chillin’ in the sun, in one of the castle’s rooms, Ponte da Barca 2011

MdF 2012, this guy was sleeping under a table backstage, nobody knew who he was. I’m not even 100% sure he was alive to be honest.

A crowded, yet pleasant pool at MdF. Also, boobs.

Backstage, after Throes + The Shine kicked ass in the big stage


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