Zine in the works!

After being back in Portugal for two months, I am finally taking the first steps in compiling all the content I brought back with me from the USA into a zine. I have an outline of how these contents will be organized, and I think it will turn out pretty adorable.

All the content will be re-scanned, edited, it will probably be written in Portuguese at first and there will be a few fun surprises in the middle – like the pictures I took in the My Little Pony Exhibition in Los Angeles, for example.

I’m not sure about what I will be doing with this zine after it’s done. I’m not sure if people actually buy these sort of things, if anyone would be interested in publishing it and how exactly does that work. I’m just doing it so I can condense all this experience into a physical support that I can revisit later. Of course, it would be great to take everyone on this trip with me through the zine, but that’s not up to me.

If you think you’d actually be interested in purchasing it or know where or who can get it published, make my day and let me know!

pug + corgi = explosive cuteness cocktail
guy who was walking them: “I’m just dog-sitting for a friend, but I feel like a rockstar every time I take them for a walk.”


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