Summer Flea Market

On the 14th of July, this is where I spent my day. It was pretty sunny and pleasant but it didn’t go as well as the other fleamarkets I was a part of previously, as far as sales go at least!

It’s a great solution if, like me, you have a lot of stuff you don’t want to throw away but you have nowhere to put it. Selling it is easier for your conscience to deal with, because at least you are making some profit out of it!

Catch a glimpse of the Gypsy Flea Market, right here:

P.S: I’m going to wait for a bit before I share my MilhΓ΅es de Festa pictures, I want to write something pretty to go along with it and I want to get them published somewhere!

I already had a good laugh looking at them yesterday. And Botswana’s funeral pictures are also going to be published in a ~secret place~ I’ll share with you as soon as they come out :)

Love, Louie β™₯

  1. Love the photos! I wish I went to more flea markets like this :/



    • Well, you can try to organize one in your city, I guess everyone has unwanted stuff they wouldn’t mind selling so it’s a matter of finding a space, establishing a limit of sellers according to the space, and publicising the hell out of the event so there are more buyers than sellers :)


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