So many…things

It appears I have been slacking on my blog updatin’. Sorry about that.

From last Thursday to Sunday, the most anticipated event of 2012 happened – Milhões de Festa ♥♥
Pictures will be developed today, and eventually posted. I think I’ll let the MdF spam die down a little before I post them here or somewhere else. Maybe I’ll write something about it for some publication, I don’t know man. But it was pretty awesome. And so was my cosmic swimsuit, according to some people :’)

I also took pictures for an editorial on the backstage of the festival, I am dying to see how those turned out because it all happened so fast!! Before I knew it, my lovely model was being hassled by drunk metal heads who nearly ruined her badass leather boots!

Yesterday night was one of my baby’s bands last show/funeral, Botswana. Pictures will be developed today as well, and I will quietly sob while I upload them to the internets. It was pretty fun for a funeral though. It bums me out that they’re ending though. Boo.

Botswana looking smart as f*ck

Also, next Saturday, me and my foxy baby Tânia will be DJing at one of the hottest partays in downtown Porto, GRRRL RIOT!!

And you’re all invited and you should email me if you want to be on the guest list. Here’s a video of me with a terrible haircut and Tânia on one of our first GRRRL RIOTs as a DJing couple. Doesn’t it look like an awesome fun time?

this picture was taken during one of our DJ sets. Amazing, right?


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