First day at the beach…

…or how I came to realize I’m as pale as a squid. Or, how the maxi-shirt/dress thing I bought on sale at Zara is completely see-through in the back, after walking around in it for a whole day, unaware that I was sharing my bunny-print undies with the rest of the world. Damn you to hell, Zara!

Má was my companion, we’ve known each other for over ten years and there are always short glimpes of nostalgia when we hang out. Today, even though we didn’t actually mention Bush, I got this song stuck in my head. Thank you technology, for letting me re-live my pre-teen crushes through the powers of Youtube.

Back when pretending to be a half-naked, tortured artist in videos wasn’t considered incredibly ridiculous. Those were simpler times, those were better times.

And for those of you who want to know what I look like in a bathing suit, it’s kinda like this:

SPF 50+ y’all!


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