Rest in Peace, fairy princess dog

It’s a sad sad sad day. Yesterday, Farol, who had been my furry little brother for the last ten years, was put to sleep due to a massive tumor in his stomach.

I was his human, and he was my furry bro. Nobody was quite as happy as Farol when I got home, and nobody could figure out I was sad as quickly as he did. And then he would comfort me, every time for the last 10 years. Even when I moved out of my parents’ place.

He was a vain ladies man as well, so I always see a bunch of lookalikes every time I walk around the neighbourhood. He was loud and obnoxious sometimes, but that was part of his charm. Nobody gave hugs or rubbed against your legs as enthusiastically as he did and he was nice and charming to everyone he met.

You were very special to me Farol, and I hope you’re doing well in puppy heaven with the rest of the gang ♥

This was the island where we found him, Ilha do Farol (Lighthouse island). That’s why we called him Farol.

My little sister and Farol one year after we adopted him, ages ago.

We called him Brad Pitt or surfer dog ’cause of his sexy hair

Farol also had no f*cks to give

I’m gonna be the saddest pineapple in VICE‘s party tonight :(


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