São João, spiders and cigarettes

These pictures are a bit old, but I like them. I don’t really have a reason to post them, but I will because it’s my blog!

In random news, there is a mama spider under the kitchen counter, and there are about 20 baby spiders around it. I like spiders though, they eat mosquitoes.

And yesterday was São João, aka squeaky hammer hell. It was the first time I’ve been downtown during the celebrations at night, and I found out I was highly incompatible with it. Squeaky hammers don’t belong anywhere near my head, sorry. Margarida’s house + youtube + friends was a waaay better combination. You can see Guida chasing seagulls below :3 ♥

Me – Summer, 2010

Guida, Summer 2010

Paulo & Daniela, Fall 2010


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