Tommy, 1975

I watched this movie yesterday when I was feeling kinda dumpy, and it seriously improved my mood.

It’s completely insane – it’s about a boy that goes blind, deaf and dumb after seeing his stepfather kill is father, and later in his life becomes the world champion of pinball, and then he overcomes his handicaps and becomes a messiah that uses a white airglider to reach his followers.

It’s a movie directed by Ken Russell that illustrates the rock opera cd by The Who, also called Tommy. The main character, Tommy, is played by Roger Daltrey, the lead singer of the band.

It features a young Tina Turner, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Jack Nicholson and of course, the band members.

Here’s one of the many crazy scenes from the movie. You can tell there was probably a lot of recreative drug use involved. Lady Gaga ain’t got nothin’ on Tina Turner, just sayin’.

Elton John agreed to be in the movie, as long as they let him keep the oversize Doc Martens he wore in his scene. He played the world champion of Pinball that lost to Tommy’s super flipper powers

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