Slowly settling in

I guess it’s natural to feel a little misplaced after spending some time abroad and getting back to your hometown. I’m sure that feeling will fade away with time.

Yesterday I got a message from a girl I met on my way to Dolores Park on Cinco de Mayo. She found my card on her desk and contacted me, so I sent her the picture I took of her and her friend. It always makes me happy when people remember me even a month afterwards :)

It wasn’t the first time this happened, but she was particularly adorable about it! Thank you for being such a sweetheart Livia ♥

Here are two of the portraits I’ve sent via e-mail from people I’ve met in San Francisco. The surfer on the left had been to Portugal a couple of times and knew how to speak a little bit of Portuguese! It was pretty cool :)

Surfer dudes!

Livia and her friend, cuties


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