Primavera Sound is here, clearly

Today I went outside for the first time since I arrived on Sunday. It’s hard for my brain not to compare both cities, constantly, even for the brief amount of time I spent outside:

1. people walk annoyingly slow and they never get out of your way

2. the cars are parked in the weirdest places

3. indiscrete stares, my cat t-shirt must be really cute

4. how unhelpful the costumer service is, rude even

I guess it could be worse right? Also, the cute lil’ hipsters who are here to attend Optimus Primavera Sound are swarming the streets and subways of Porto.

Apparently, I’m going as well, which I wasn’t really planning to!

In exchange, I’ll have to show off my fancy footwork at the Adidas Originals stand, where they’re having a contest for those of you attending the festival – the one with the best moves wins a complete outfit by Adidas, from head to toe! The All Originals motto is “make dance moves” so, if you think you got what it takes give it your best shot. But I will be a FIERCE competitor, f’real!

See you soon, lil’ heepsters ♥

These two are from SF, but they illustrate nicely what I mean. Aww!


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