Last days in San Francisco

I will be leaving back to Portugal on Saturday, and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

There will be good things, like seeing my family and friends again, having my own place to sleep, having some time to sit down and putting my little book together and stop being so concerned about trying to keep track of everything around me. Going back to somewhere familiar might be kind of soothing.

I hope I don’t miss this place too much, and I hope I don’t let the distinctive pettiness of smaller cities get to me. I want to let the SF vibe live on for as long as possible in my lil’ heart. Hope I can make enough monies to come back next year!

If you have no idea what the hell I have been doing here for the past month and a half, I will be assembling a little book with pictures, collages, some short stories and observations about the people and situations I came across here.

Let’s see if I can put it all together in a way that you guys can understand how important this has been for me :)

She inspired me to start approaching people on the street and taking their picture. Props to you and your puppy, little girl!

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