Last week in San Francisco

What an emotional mess I will be during this next week!

All nerves are exposed while trying to recollect all my thoughts on the city before I leave for my road trip around California and up to Oregon. Hopefully I managed to leave a tiny footstep here before leaving. I’ve adopted a guerrilla method of getting my stuff out there, with my little cards and QR codes. Let’s see what comes out of it.

Have a bunch of film to develop, will be doing a photoshoot with Fancy Skateboards tomorrow and will be trying to hang out with everyone before I leave.

I hope I’m able to condense everything I’ve experienced into a coherent presentation or exhibition of my project on San Francisco once I get back to Portugal. I hope I’ve been able to register and capture all the necessary data, all the necessary images.

Yesterday my goal was to buy a swimsuit I didn’t completely hate, but I ended up with a book instead.

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