My friend Vitor’s Funeral

Don’t freak out just yet, this was just the beginning of V!TOR’s most recent project, Life And Death.

Vitor Bastos, the designer with an assertive mind behind V!TOR’s creative impulses, is originally from São Paulo but now lives in Porto (and spent a couple of years in Berlin as well). I love him as a person and as an artist, because what he does to me goes beyond Fashion Design. How can I not respect someone who is willing to sacrifice his own wardrobe to create a collection?

Life and Death is about celebrating someone’s life once he or she is dead like we often do, instead of celebrating our lives or those of the ones we love while they’re still actually living.

These pictures were taken at the backstage of Lisbon Fashion Week FW 2012/13runway show for V!TOR <- if you wanna know more about him, check out his website!

He’s been doing some other performances to complement this project, follow him on Facebook if you want to get the latest scoop on what he’s up to!

I have some of his pieces here with me in SF, for the locals who wanna check them out before I leave, send me an e-mail!


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