Jumping back and forth in time

Back in November, I got asked to photograph the catalogue for HEAVY JEANS one or two days before the actual photoshoot because the photographer who was originally going to do it got into an accident and couldn’t do it. It sort of threw me off balance a bit, but I was very excited to work with Daniela Barros, the portuguese fashion designer who was re-designing and re-launching HEAVY JEANS. I really enjoy her work as a fashion designer and I’d really like to use her stuff in an editorial someday.

So, the photoshoot. I bought slide film instead of negative color film by accident, and even though the photoshoot went great – the place was really cool, the weather was really nice, the models were sweet and everyone had a blast – the developing of the films was a big problem. First, it took forever, and they developed the first roll of slide film using the process you’d use to develop regular negative film. It turned very, very weird, the scans from the shop were truly horrifying and I felt terrible! Good thing they didn’t turn out so bad when I scanned them again at home, otherwise I would’ve banged my head against the desk for an hour.

Sadly I’ve only got some of the pictures here on my laptop because I did all the editing on my desktop (which I left in Portugal, obviously). Still, I hope you guys enjoy them. I might update it as soon as I get back to Portugal, because there are some more cute shots I wanna share here!

P.S. I am not a person who wears jeans at all, but I must say the ones they gave me were pretty cool and comfy.


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