San Francisco puppies, peoples and living facilities

Yes! I have new pictures!

Yesterday I picked up all the film I’ve used so for after it was developed, and I am very happy with how my portrait project is turning out so far. I have around 25, and I am planning on getting more. Have I told you that SF is full of cute puppers? ‘Cause it is!

Today I’m going to Berkeley for the first time, I’ve been told it’s very pretty and pleasant and the weather is nice. And tomorrow I’m planning on visiting the hippie area, Haight-Ashbury (if I figure out how to get there, I have the worst sense of direction ever) – and at night I will be attending not one, but two parties! One of them will be an Instagram party, and the theme is Flashback Friday – basically you’re supposed to dress as you did during your childhood, or something like that. I plan on wearing my little pony necklace since I don’t have the floaty anymore.

Getting ready to go out:

More pictures after the cut!

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