My heart is the size of Beyoncé’s derrière

I just wanted to thank the people I’ve photographed so far for all your kind words, support, interest and openness to my project and work.

It was overwhelmingly nice to hear such kind words and feel so welcome and embraced by this city, even though I’m pretty much a nobody!

It really moves and inspires me to see that there are places out there where people don’t need concrete proof that you are good or well-known or whatever to treat you like you are a valuable human being.

Feels good man!!

As you can tell by this picture, I have the most amazing boyfriend ever who was the cherry on top of the cake yesterday when I got home. Also, Tânia my baby girl, I love you and the lovely things you say to me ♥ And obviously my parents are the biggest badasses on the planet who are making sure I don’t starve to death while I’m here! Millenium BCP can kiss my derrière though, being almost 10 000km away and not being able to use your card to get monies is not a pleasant situation!

I really hope karma isn’t coming to bite me in the ass for all this gloating, but seriously, thanks for all the love and support everyone :’)


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