Mother’s Day and the first shy pictures of SF

This is a first for me, it’s Mother’s Day and I’m on the other side of the world. Woke up to my mom’s emails wondering if I forgot about mother’s day – no mom, I was asleep!

Right now I’m working on a photo-report on Occupy SF that occurred last Tuesday, and also some of the first pictures I got from San Fran that I can actually share because they’re not destined for anything I’m working on.

This first batch of pictures is kind of shy, I was still building up the courage to start approaching people on the streets and ask them if I could take their pictures. On the very next roll of film, after I left these ones to develop at the shop, I had a moment of clarity with the little latina and her chihuahua.

So now I’m collecting portraits of the peoples of San Francisco that I find interesting somehow and I’m thinking about what I should do with them when I get back to Portugal. Maybe an exhibit, or a little book, or try and publish it somewhere, I’m not sure yet! Feel free to share your thoughts on this, I’d appreciate it :)

I want this pink Mustang for me


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